Business Intelligence (BI) is a rapidly expanding area that is becoming increasingly important to companies looking for ways to improve how they use the data they gather. Business Intelligence (BI) enables companies to use the data that they hold efficiently by analyzing it and then using it to inform business decisions.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)

Many people have heard of the term Business Intelligence, but may be unsure what it actually means. Business Intelligence refers to the insights gained from analyzing the business information that companies hold. Businesses hold vast quantities of data, all of which can potentially provide them with detailed insights to inform critical business decisions. This data needs to be mined and analyzed in the right way to realize its full potential and to provide valuable insights for the business.

How Does The Technology Industry Use Business Intelligence? 

The technology industry is both highly competitive and rapidly evolving. In an industry that is perpetually developing, companies need to harness every asset at their disposal to keep them a step ahead of the competition. This is where the role of a Business Intelligence Analyst comes into play. Business Intelligence Analysts review the data that a company collects and then uses it to provide critical insights to support better business decision making in the IT industry. These insights provide the building blocks of the future success of companies in the IT industry. Without these valuable insights, IT businesses can be left trailing behind their competitors. 

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